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Wolfcraft 1 drill stand

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Introductie model
September 2018
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May 2018
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wolfcraft GmbH was founded by Robert Wolff in 1949 and helped establish the do-it-yourself industry in Germany. It operates as a manufacturer and supplier of tools and electrical tool accessories. Hardware stores and specialist dealerships rank among its main customers. The company management is headquartered in Kempenich in the Eifel mountains.

wolfcraft primarily produces in its own factory in Weibern, as well as in Malé Dvorniky (Slovakia). In order to limit the worldwide transport of goods and the CO2 emissions it entails, European production facilities are used in preference of production capacities from the Far East.

wolfcraft is an internationally active company with an export share of 70 % and its own sales force in many European countries as well as a great many trade and distribution partners worldwide.

With over 600 employees working in 16 countries, the company has received numerous awards for its products, including a "red dot design award" for its "One-hand clamp" and "Quickfix". wolfcraft offers around 2,500 items at present.

- for drilling flat surfaces round work pieces and battens with absolute precision
- milled worktop with clamping grooves for fastening clamping blocks or vices
- sturdy 40 mm round column with a 340 mm long toothed rack screwed on - no twisting while drilling
- integrated return spring
- locking button for series drilling
- adjustable scale ring for setting the accurate drilling depth down to the last millimeter
- with cable holder
- working height 305 mm
- Euronorm collar ø 43 mm
- strong cast iron plate 203 x 307 mm
- packaging: covering box