Sony HXR-NX200 zwart - Videocamera

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Optische zoom
12 x


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Sony HXR-NX200 Profi - van Sony in de categorie Digitale videocamera.


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1" Exmor R CMOS-sensor - 4K - Sony G lens met 12x optische zoom - BNC- en HDMI-uitgangen - Memory Stick Pro Duo en SD/SDHC/SDXC - NP-F570 accu


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De Sony HXR-NX200 PRO Handheld camcorder is een relatieve compacte camcorder voor zijn klasse. Met een grote 1" sensor met verbeterde kleurreproductie en filmen op 4K...

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€ 2.599,00 Afhalen € 2.599,00

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De Sony HXR-NX200 4K Videocamera is een betaalbare, compacte camcorder met een grote 1.0-type sensor en nieuwe kleurreproductie voor een superieure 4K- of...


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€ 2.599,00 Afhalen € 2.599,00

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De Sony HXR-NX200 PRO Handheld camcorder is een relatieve compacte camcorder voor zijn klasse. Met een grote 1" sensor met verbeterde kleurreproductie en filmen op 4K...


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Max. filmresolutie
3840 x 2160 pixels
4:3, 16:9
Memory Stick Pro Duo, SDHC, SDXC
Optische zoom
12 x
Lichtgevoeligheid lens tele (F)
Lichtgevoeligheid lens groothoek (F)
Verwisselbare lens
Video opname
Min. lichtgevoeligheid
2 lux
Sluitertijd video
1/6 - 1/10000
daglicht, buiten, binnen
Video uit
Ingebouwde flitser
Overige functies
Accu bedrijfstijd
4 uur
1800 gram
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
18,78 x 17,13 x 37,13 cm
December 2018
digitale videocamera

Toelichting specificaties

HXR-NX200 is an affordable, compact camcorder with a big 1.0-type sensor and new colour reproduction for superb 4K or Full-HD image quality. It offers all the professional features you need with refined manual controls including three independent manual lens rings, smart fully auto options and more.

4K or HD : Simply superb image quality
A large, 20 megapixel* 1.0 type sensor delivers stunning image quality in 4K (3840×2160) or Full-HD at 50Mbps. Its 1.0 sensor is brighter, has higher resolution and offers more bokeh with a shallow depth of field. NX200 gives you the flexibility to work the way you want to.

Well-balanced colour reproduction
Natural skin colours and rich mid-range colours deliver vivid, yet true-to-life imagery regardless of exposure setting. It’s perfect for capturing live events such as seminars, weddings and houses of worship. NX200’s newly developed gamma curve provides a vibrant look ready to share as soon as you export.

The professional’s choice
There’s no need to choose between professional features and superb 4K imaging at an entry level price-point. Advanced manual controls, including three independent manual lens rings, built-in 4-step ND filters and class-leading 4K and Full-HD performance make NX200 a choice you can rely upon for live events, corporate, education and wedding videography.

Optimised for PAL 50Hz
HXR-NX200 is currently only available as a PAL 50Hz product with sales exclusive to countries with a PAL infrastructure. For customers who require NTSC support, PXW-Z150 and HXR-NX100 are recommended alternatives.

Stunning quality from a large 1.0 type sensor
The HXR-NX200’s single 20 megapixel* 1.0 type Exmor R CMOS sensor is approximately the same size as a 16mm film frame and seven times larger than three 1/4.7 type sensors combined. The key benefit of this large size is low noise and less blur because more light reaches the sensor, offering clear and steady pictures even in a dark scene with minimum illumination 1.7 lux**. The large sensor size also enables beautiful background defocussing (bokeh) to enable you to focus on what you want to show and defocus the rest of the image.
*14.2 million effective pixels.
**LOW LUX mode.

Picture Profiles with New Gamma Curve
The default look for NX200 uses an all-new gamma curve specifically developed to accurately realize brilliant and deep colors, with true-to-life skin tones. Tuned in consultation with leading videographers, it avoids oversaturation of brightly lit subjects and provides a more natural look. The NX200 has six Picture Profile settings to choose from, each of which can be individually customised to your requirements.

Sony G Lens with 24x Clear Image Zoom (FHD)
A fixed 29mm wide-angle lens with 12x optical zoom makes it easy to capture even the most expansive landscape scenes while also offering superb clarity and sharpness – maximising the performance of the NX200’s large 1.0 type sensor.

The G Lens is Sony’s own camera lens family, designed and manufactured to the high standards of optical performance.

In addition, your ability to get into close with the most distant scenes is aided by Sony’s advanced Clear Image Zoom feature. Once you’ve zoomed in at maximum 12x optical magnification, By Pixel Super Resolution Technology can enlarge the image by an additional 150% in 4K and 200% in HD while still preserving image quality. In addition, zoom performance can be doubled at any point with a digital extender by up to 24x.

Manual operability in professional handy design
The HXR-NX200 is ergonomically designed to provide a lightweight and easy-to-use shooting experience. Three manual, independent lens rings enables smooth, natural adjustment of focussing, zooming and iris control. It can also be used in full-auto mode or completely manual for maximum creative control. Manual dial and buttons on the side of the body allow swift and easy adjustment of IRIS (aperture), GAIN and shutter speed. The white balance is simple to adjust by colour temperature in convenient 100K steps.

Built-in ND Filters
A built-in Neutral Density (ND) filter wheel includes positions for clear, 1/4 (2 stops), 1/16 (4 stops), and 1/64 (6 stops). This makes it easier to get all the advantages of shallow depth of field even in exterior day shoots, with no need to worry about bringing along and fitting a separate filter.

Multi-format recording with 100Mbps XAVC S 4K, HD and DV
The HXR-NX200 offers superb all-round performance whatever your workflow.

For 4K or Full-HD production, XAVC S offers stunning picture quality, but also workflow flexibility and storage efficiency. Compared to AVCHD, XAVC S captures more details and less noise thanks to the higher bitrate, while also being supported by all the major non-linear editors.

NX200 also offers the option to record HD in AVCHD or DV, making it easy to integrate your content into existing workflows. NX200 offers PAL-only recording frame rates of 25p 4K:QFHD 3840×2160 50p, 50i, 25p Full HD and 50i SD.

Dual media slots for recording flexibility
To extend recording time and workflow flexibility, the NX200 is equipped with two memory card slots and is compatible with SDXC and SDHC cards.

RELAY mode automatically switches recording from the first to the second memory card when the first is full, while SIMUL mode permits simultaneous recording to two memory cards (for example to create an immediate back-up version). The NX200’s two Start/Stop buttons on the handle grip, and camcorder body, can independently start and stop recording on different memory cards while recording in SIMUL mode.

High resolution LCD and EVF
The NX200 has a 0.24-type Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and an easily adjustable, flip out 3.5-type LCD. Both offer 1550K dots high resolution for precise monitoring and low latency however you choose to shoot.

Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
The HXR-NX200 takes advantage of Sony’s flexible Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe, which provides power, signal connections and coordinated on/off switching to compatible Sony accessories. For example, you can connect and control Sony wireless microphone systems such as the UWP-D11 or UWP-D12 with SMAD-P3/P3D adapters or attach the HVL-LBPC light*.
*All sold separately. HVL-LBPC is controlled but not powered by HXR-NX200.

Wide choice of connections
There’s no need to worry about adapters as the NX200 provides a wide variety of built-in connectivity options including HDMI, Multi/Micro USB, professional audio XLR terminals, REMOTE and Composite (BNC).

Simple live solution
The HXR-NX200 is designed to work seamlessly with Sony’s MCX-500 Multi Camera Live Producer, a robust and cost-effective switcher that makes it easy for one person to run a multi-camera live event shoot. When used with the MCX-500 and Remote Commander RM-30BP, a tally indicator will automatically appear on each HXR-NX200’s LCD panel and viewfinder – a red icon indicates when the shot is live (PGM) while green indicates preview mode (PVW). The MCX-500 supports up to nine video inputs, five channel stereo inputs, five channel stereo inputs including XLR with both internal recording and live streaming via Facebook Live and YouTube Live.