Adax Neo NP - Bijverwarming

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electrische verwarming


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Adax Neo NP 10 KDT - paneel verwarmingAdax NEO 1000 watt elektrische convector radiator verwarming wandbevestiging , wit, 37 cm hoog - van Adax in de categorie Kachel.


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Introductie model
Op Kieskeurig sinds
October 2016
November 2011
Afmetingen (H x B x D)
37 x 76,2 x 8,4 cm
electrische verwarming

Toelichting specificaties

Adax NEO is our new range of panel heaters. The contemporary, elegant, slimline form eminently suits modern interiors. Trendy colours give rooms fresh, creative contrasts. Every detail is uncompromisingly formed to reach the design goals that Hareide Designmill have worked towards.

With the NEO range, Adax has put energy and the environment in focus. Built-in automatic day and night temperature reduction is standard. This provides up to a 25% saving in energy consumption for heating. Adax NEO is tailored to meet today’s demands for energy efficiency and meets the new Norwegian building regulations when it comes to heating systems with automatic sinking of night-time temperature. A demand which is equally appropriate in existing buildings.

Simple and Clear Controls
Using the buttons marke + and – you may easily set your desired temperature. The buttons marked 7 and 5 allow you to start night or day temperature reduction by holding them in for a few seconds.

The F button lets you choose the duration of the temperature reduction periods, by how much temperature is reduced, along with other functions for optimum practicability and satisfaction.

Selected Temperature Clearly Displayed
Legible, illuminated figures show, at all times, what temperature Adax NEO is set to. When a period of temperature reduction is ongoing, the temperature is displayed. A red LED shows when the element is working.

Economic Heat
Every minute the room’s temperature is measured, and, at the slightest deviation, NEO will immediately provide more or less heat. When temperature reduction is active, energy consumption is reduced accordingly. In this way you consume as little energy as possible while keeping your home warm and cosy.